Building a Healthier Foundation for Your Smile
Bone grafting restores bone density lost to gum disease.

CoupleYour teeth are supported by bone, the same bone that makes up your facial structure. Without it, your health and appearance can suffer. Bone loss, while not inevitable, is a common effect of progressive gum disease, but can also occur after injury or infection. For some people, the amount of bone loss may not be significant enough to affect their health but for others, augmentation of the bone is necessary. There are several instances that may prompt our periodontist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL to recommend a bone grafting or regeneration procedure; the following are the most common:

  • You have experienced bone loss due to gum disease.
  • You are considering dental implants and there is insufficient bone volume for successful integration.
  • You are having a tooth extracted and Dr. Paul Fotek is concerned that the gum tissue will sink into the empty socket.

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A Ridge Augmentation Can Preserve Your Smile After Tooth Extraction

bonelossRidge augmentation is a method of bone grafting that preserves the contour of your gums and bone. Consider that a tooth, when extracted, leaves a hole in the socket. Over time, your gum tissue will grow to cover the hole but eventually will sag into that hole; all the while, the bone that surrounds it changes its shape as well. Why is this important enough to prompt bone grafting? Because preserving the contour is vital to your comfort and health. If the indentation left is large enough, it leaves you vulnerable to greater infection by bacteria. Additionally, it can create a poor fit for a denture, if that is how you have chosen to replace any missing teeth. Dr. Fotek prevents these concerns by simply performing bone grafting at the site of the extraction to rebuild or preserve the underlying bone structure.

Bone Grafting Can Dramatically Improve Dental Implant Results

While bone grafting may be performed for a variety of reasons, it is often performed in conjunction with a treatment plan that includes dental implants. Your new implants will require sufficient amounts of bone for integration, and bone grafting can add volume using bone from your own body. Our periodontist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL typically has several options he can choose from your specific bone grafting.  Dr. Fotek can collect your bone from one area and transfer it to the treatment site.  You may also choose one of several bone grafting materials that allow your bone to regenerate new bone. The new and existing bone tissues fuse together over time, providing you with a strong foundation for your implants.

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