Replace Missing Teeth Permanently with Dental Implants
Restore your smile with the most natural looking, comfortable option available today.

Tooth loss can make you feel like you are the only person battling the challenges presented by missing teeth or navigating the sometimes confusing options for tooth replacement. Did you know, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-fourth of Americans over the age of 65 have lost all of their teeth? There are many others who also suffer from the consequences of tooth loss and gradual bone loss, which include:

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Changes in the way you talk
  • Embarrassment about the way you look
  • Shifting of the surrounding teeth
  • Bone loss — for the rest of your life
  • Chin wrinkle and hallowing of cheek
  • Aged appearance

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Traditional Dentures Do Not Help in Preventing Bone Loss and Aged Appearance


The Dental Implant Process


Amazing, gentle doctor. I have great respect for Dr Fotek. Like many people I don’t like dental work. At his new office I was so relaxed and it felt like I was at a spa, not getting dental surgery.
– Michael F.

Restoring Your Smile without the Stress

Immediate tooth replacement is the best way to prevent bone loss, protect your smile, youthful look and your self-esteem, but you need someone you can trust to help you navigate your options. Dr. Paul Fotek is a periodontist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, a specialist and expert who is well-educated and experienced in implant dentistry and can offer safe and effective choices, such as:

  • Dental implants
  • Same day teeth on implants
  • Pro Arch dental implants
  • Implant supported dentures
  • Mini-dental implants

Whether utilized to individually replace teeth or as part of a treatment like permanent dentures, implants lend stability and permanence, affording you a freedom and confidence that cannot be achieved with traditional tooth replacement options alone.

Implants Done by a Specialist and With a
Lifetime Guarantee, What Else Can You Ask For!

Just Relax and Let Us Do the Work!

Ease your anxiety and fear of dental treatment with sedation by Dr. Paul Fotek, a specialist and expert in implant dentistry. If you so desire, Dr. Paul Fotek can perform all of your implant dental care procedures while you are completely comfortable and asleep. Conscious sedation with a specialist like Dr. Paul Fotek in Palm Beach Gardens makes it possible to be totally comfortable and relaxed during your dental treatment. The best part of conscious sedation is you will not won’t remember what happened during the procedure. Only a specialist like Dr. Paul Fotek who had additional hospital training in Conscious Sedation can provide you with a safe and comfortable dental implant experience.

Why Choose a Dental Implant Expert

Only specialists like Dr. Paul Fotek in Palm Beach Gardens receive the needed additional three years residency training after completing their dental school requirements to become a periodontist and specialist in treatment of dental implants, bone disease and gum disease. If you are looking for the an expert with knowledge and experience, Dr. Paul Fotek in Palm Beach Gardens can safely and predictably place dental implants. All implant work done by Dr. Fotek comes with a lifetime guarantee as long as you follow your recommendations of keeping the implants clean. Any dentist can place implants after taking a few weekend courses but it does not make them a specialist or expert and they will not stand behind their work with a guarantee like Dr. Paul Fotek.

Implant Dentistry Offers a Natural Look and Feel

dental-implants-botWhen an implant is placed to restore the look and function of a single tooth, it performs much like your natural tooth did. Dental implants restore the appearance of the smile and are designed to look just like the surrounding teeth. They also feel natural to you. Comfortable and secure, dental implants restore your ability to speak and chew properly. Unlike dentures, implants don’t require adhesives or special cleaning rituals, and you never have to worry about someone catching you without your teeth in. If you are like most people, you are a good candidate for dental implants. Contact our periodontist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and reserve a time for your consultation to learn more.

For exceptional service and quality care, call our office to schedule your consultation today. Dr. Fotek and our team of skilled professionals are committed to helping you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile with gentle periodontal treatment, implant dentistry, and preventative care.

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