Fear of dentistry is unfounded with currently available sedation techniques.  Your past dental experiences may have made you petrified of the dentist being responsible of the current broken down state your teeth are in.  

We Can Help!

Dental sedation is a very effective yet safe way to reduce the anxiety and fear.  If  you find yourself apprehensive about your first dental visit, the first step is to call.  Our staff will help you to eliminate this barrier to better dental health.

Patients that are anxious and even phobic often find that sedation dentistry can offer the perfect relaxing solution for maintaining good oral health.  In one study, 90% of the patients who were phobic towards dentistry felt more comfortable and reassured with sedation… and you can too!  Dr. Fotek can make your next fearful dental visit a thing of the past.  Your particular sedation needs will be assessed along with your medical history and current health.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is the most controlled and reliable form of conscious sedation.  IV stands for intravenous, meaning the medications used for sedation are administered directly into your blood stream (vein).  Fear of the initial insertion of the needle into your vein is not uncommon among patients requiring sedation but most patients feel only a tiny prick or sting at the site of needle insertion.  IV sedation is designed to relax you and make you completely comfortable with the procedure that is about to happen.  Because of this deep relaxation, Dr. Fotek can accomplish more high quality periodontal care in less time, and you will remember little to thing the next day!  Most patients fall asleep during the procedure and lose the track of time.  A lengthy procedure will feel like mere minutes after you are awake.   

IV conscious sedation is a controlled form of sedation, meaning medications are administered as needed during the procedure allowing for a faster onset.  It allows for full control over the state of sleep during the surgery.  When needed, you will be somewhat awake to follow Dr. Fotek’s directions but you will still be in a sedated state.  When needed, you will fall right back to sleep.  After the procedure has ended, you will be released to the responsible person that will take you home and stay with you until the effects of the sedative drugs have worn off.

During IV conscious sedation administration, special instrumentation will be used to continually assess your vital signs, heart rhythm, amount of oxygen in the blood stream and amount of exhaled carbon dioxide.  This monitoring allows for a very safe and comfortable environment to perform the needed dentistry. 

Not all dentists are able to administer IV conscious sedation.  Dr. Fotek had to have undergone special training at his residency at both University of Michigan Hospital and VA Hospital in Ann Arbor to be certified to administer this safe and effective conscious sedation technique.  He also undergoes special training to keep Conscious Sedation License and stay updated with current sedation techniques. 

Please remember that for your IV conscious sedation appointment you need to be fasting for a minimum of 6 hours and wear loose, comfortable clothing.  Do not forget to take your regularly scheduled medications with a little bit of water.  Dr. Fotek and his staff will review these guidelines with you.  



Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as sweet gas or laughing gas, is a odorless and colorless gas.  It is an effective sedative when mixed with oxygen, however is does fall within the mildest category of sedation.  Patients on nitrous oxide feel tingling or a sense of well-being, however they still remain alert.  Nitrous oxide is also one of the safest forms of sedation since once the inhalation is discontinued, the effects of the gas wear off within seconds.  Nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation is extremely safe for the vast majority of people.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation (pills) are used for many of our patients who are needle-phobic.  You may receive a prescription to take a sedative the night before your upcoming dental appointment.  This will guarantee you a good night’s sleep and help you feel more relaxed during your appointment.  You will take your prescribed oral sedative one hour before your appointment.  This will give you enough time for the sedative to start working prior to your dental appointment.  The draw back of oral sedatives is you never know if you took enough of the sedative since it takes at least an hour to start working.  If needed, Dr. Fotek will also use some nitrous oxide along with the oral sedative to gain a more profound and controlled state of sedation.  After an oral sedation procedure, you will require someone to take you back home and stay with you, as you will be in an impaired state.  It may take up to a few hours for the effects of the medications to wear off.    


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