When one considers cosmetic surgery, cheeks, eyes, and nose become the prime focus.  However, there are certain appearance enhancements a cosmetic surgeon will never be able to make – those involving your teeth and your smile.  As more and more people look to enhance their youthful appearance through plastic surgery, periodontal and enhancing cosmetic dental makeovers are becoming the standard of a complete cosmetic rejuvenation.  In fact, smile enhancing periodontal procedures outnumbered eyelid surgeries five to one, an American Academy of Periodontology poll has found.  

The data and findings speak for itself.  A study performed by The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed pictures of people before and after smile enhancement procedures.  Participants of the research have selected those with the improved smiles and found them not only to be more attractive, but they were also perceived as being more popular, sensitive, successful, and friendly.

If you feel it is the right time to improve your smile and regain your confidence and youthful appearance, Dr. Fotek and his team are key to your success.  

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