Following the loss of a tooth for any reason, a depression, crease or indentation can present itself in the gum and jawbone, over the area that was previously occupied by the tooth.  This soft and hard tissue discrepancy results from the slowly progressing jawbone atrophy or shrinkage, your body’s response to a missing tooth and are going to be responsible for distortion of natural dental esthetics and trap food.

Several therapeutic options area possible to fix this deformity.  Dr. Fotek can help you replace your missing tooth, he can also perform ridge augmentation - a procedure in which he will smooth out your gum and bone indentation to recreate your original jawline curvature.  The procedure may include gum grafting and bone grafting to restore the regenerate the atrophied tissues.  Sometimes, these enhancing steps must be performed prior to implant placement dental implants to ensure sufficient bone is available to securely retain your implant.

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