Advanced Dental Technology

Preserve Your Comfort and Smile with Advanced Technology!

We offer the latest in dental technology to make your periodontal visits – and life – easier.

Our goal is to make your dental experience with us more enjoyable and effective! Advanced dental technology allows us to improve diagnostics, procedures, and recovery time.

What are the Benefits of Using Advanced Technology?

Dr. Paul Fotek, our periodontist in Jupiter, FL, uses an array of devices to provide patients with the highest quality care. The benefits of this treatment style include but are not limited to:

  • Reduced time spent in the dental chair
  • Enhanced results
  • Minimal radiation exposure
  • Improved accuracy
  • Less discomfort and post-procedural downtime
  • Quicker lab turnaround

What Dental Technology Does Dr. Fotek Use?

Carestream CBCT

Carestream CBCT allows us to quickly and easily create 3D images of your mouth with a scanner. This is used in place of traditional x-rays, minimizing radiation exposure.

3M Digital Impressions

Advanced periodontics have done away with the goopy impressions. Dr. Fotek can now wave a wand over your teeth to obtain a complete 3D representation, shortening wait times.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Only your body knows best. By using your own blood and isolating its growth factors, our periodontist in South Florida stimulates your body’s healing potential for superior implant dentistry and bone regeneration results.

MI Paste Plus™

You can have fewer cavities and reduced tooth sensitivity with MI Paste Plus™. MI Paste Plus™ is a paste that can be applied at home to improve everything from discoloration to weak enamel.

Perio Protect®

Used to control bacteria that cause periodontal disease, this solution can be applied at home or in-office using dental trays.


This piezo surgical knife is an advanced periodontics system that allows Dr. Fotek to perform necessary bone procedures while protecting vital structures like your sinuses and nerves. More accurate than a dental drill, this system utilizes micro-vibrations to cut into the bone and not through soft tissues.

Plasma Rich in Growth Factor (PRGF)

This form of technology encourages your body’s cell-regeneration process by isolating the growth factors that stimulate healing. Our periodontist in Jupiter, FL can then introduce them into a surgical site for improved healing results.

Digital X‐Rays

This technology allows us to upload the images taken of your mouth directly into our software. Digital x-rays provide enlarged images of your teeth and limit exposure to radiation.

Are You Looking for a Periodontist in Jupiter?

Dr. Fotek and our team of skilled professionals are committed to helping you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile with gentle periodontal treatment, implant dentistry, and preventative care. For exceptional service and quality care, call our office in Jupiter, FL to schedule your consultation today.

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