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Our Philosophy

We don’t treat teeth, we treat patients.

Dr. Fotek and his staff are trained and focused on effective listening to ensure we meet your every desire and need. As a patient, you will experience a customized, therapeutic regimen tailored to address your specific oral concerns. At Prestige Periodontal & Implant Center, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of preventative, surgical, cosmetic and implant care possible.  We understand and recognize the benefits of the “team approach” which we highly support. This allows close collaboration with various dental specialists and your general dentist to contribute their respective expertise, as dental professionals, for your optimum therapeutic benefit. You can rest assured that your dental team is here to help you.

Dr. Fotek strongly believes in linking oral care and total body care. The connection between your overall health and its relationship to healthy gums is given top priority in our treatment recommendations. We utilize every means possible to achieve oral health while maintaining total body biocompatibility. It is this focus on whole body care, while utilizing cutting-edge technologies, that facilitates more accurate diagnoses for safer, more effective therapy and faster healing allowing Dr. Fotek to provide you the very best in oral and body care.

The biocompatibility does not stop with the body; it also focuses on the environment. Prestige Periodontal and Implant Center is one of the few dental offices in Palm Beach that uses means of minimizing environmental exposure to dental waste by utilizing special equipment. For example, our amalgam separators remove 99% of amalgam mercury from reaching our water supply. To us, maintaining our environment is as important as maintaining our body.

Dr. Fotek utilizes the practice of nutrition and detoxification along with minimally invasive treatment approach on a day-to-day basis for your total body health benefit.

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Cheap synthroid online, Buy synthroid cheap

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Prestige Periodontics


4600 Military Trail
Suite 210
Jupiter Fl. 33458

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New Patient: purchase synthroid
Current Patient: purchase synthroid online
Fax: 561-404-1106
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